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Powers and responsabilities



The School Council will have the following powers and responsibilities:

  • Approve and assess the projects and norms referred to in Chapter II of Title V of the present Law. (Education Project, Management Project, Organization and Operation Standards, Annual General Programming.)
  • Approve and assess the annual general programme of the school, without detriment to the authority of the Teachers Council, in relation to teaching planning and organisation.
  • Get to know the candidates applying for the school headship and the management plans submitted by the candidates.
  • Participate in the selection of school head under the terms established in the present Law Be informed of the appointment and cessation of other members of the management team. When applicable, on agreement by the members with a two thirds majority, propose the dismissal of the nomination of the head.
  • Decide on the student admissions subject to the regulations of this Law and corresponding provisions.
  • Be aware of the resolution of disciplinary conflict and ensure that they abide by the regulations in force. When the disciplinary measures adopted by the head are the result of student misconduct which are seriously damaging to the school community, the School Council, at the request of parents or tutor, can review the decision an propose appropriate measures, if applicable.
  • Propose measures and initiatives to favour coexistence in the centre, equality between men and women, equal treatment and non-discrimination on the grounds referred to in Article 84.3 of this Organic Law; the peaceful resolution of conflicts, and the prevention of gender-based violence. 
  • Promote the upkeep and renovation of the school installations and equipment and approve the obtaining of extra resources under Article 122.3
  • Lay the guidelines for collaboration, with the local council and with other schools, entities and organisations, for educational and cultural purposes.
  • Analyse and assess the general functioning of the school, trends in student performance and the results of internal and external evaluations in which the school participates.
  • Draw up proposals and reports, on its own initiative or at the request of competent Authority, on the functioning of the school and improvements in management quality, as well as on other related aspects.
  • Any others conferred on the Council by the Education Administrations.

School Council Renewal

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Submission of applications

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Members (Course 2020-2021)

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Students on the School Council

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