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This commission comprises a student representative and a teaching representative from the School Council and the School Management Team.

The department heads and coordinators will work with the Management Team to design and subsequently implement it, following the general directives set by the Department of Education.

The contact person is the School Secretary, Arantza Idoate Azcárate who coordinates the Pamplona EOI organisation against COVID-19.

Tasks undertaken by commission members working with the Management Team to prevent Covid 19

Working together to disseminate the Contingency Plan drafted by the School Management based on the general protocol sent by the Department of Education:

  • Disseminating the preventive measures relating to containing the virus spread:
    • Updating and disseminating the Contingency Plan, considering the current situation.
    • Ensure dissemination of the corresponding safety measures for personnel from outside the school.
    • Help updated information reach all members of the Education Community.
  • Guarantee that classrooms and strategic areas will display infographics relating to prevention of coronavirus.

Working together on checking tasks to:

  • Ensure the implementation and monitoring of hygiene and cleaning measures.
  • Ensure information in the school on measures concerning soap dispensers and paper towels in the bathrooms, hand sanitizer in all spaces, plus disinfectant gel and paper in the classrooms, materials room, auditorium, staff room, departments, administration and the caretaker’s office.
  • Ensure the existence of pedal bins with lids, containing bin bags, in the sensitive areas defined in the Contingency Plan.
  • Check the correct implementation of physical separation barriers: counters, partitions, curtains, etc.
  • Ensure that the distance separation is met on counters, reception desks, etc.
  • Ensure that protective equipment is provided for staff depending on their job.

Check that the organisation and signage measures are met relating to flows of persons (access, movement and evacuation of the facilities)

It is the responsibility of all personnel to make sure that everyone complies strictly with the protective measures implanted, in an attempt to control and reduce transmission of COVID-19.