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Students will come in through the main door from Plaza de Compañía and once their classes have finished, they will leave the school via the emergency staircase which leads to Calle Caldería.

Students with mobility difficulties will leave the centre via the main door.

The students from the Multi-purpose Room will use the entrance door to leave the building.

The main entrance door will be split into two lanes, one to enter and the other to exit, differentiated by a separating post.  Anyone using the ground floor services (administration, caretaker’s office, materials room, auditorium, multi-purpose and tutorials room) will use this access door in both directions.

In all cases, it will be mandatory to wear a mask when moving around the schools, hand washing with hand sanitizer when entering the school, before entering the classroom and on leaving, once classes have finished, and maintaining the social distancing recommended by the health authorities

Blocking sectors

Students should not switch from one sector to another, except in the case of students enrolled in more than one language.

In the case of total blocking, it is not possible to switch or share classrooms or spaces: materials room, waiting areas.

Classification of levels according to the current health situation

Level 1: NEW NORMALITY. In-person teaching is guaranteed

In this situation, normal school life is maintained and students and teachers can move between sectors while following the hygiene measures in force.

The main aim in this situation is to guarantee in-person classes for all students on all working days.

Masks must be worn during the in-person classes for the whole session and hygiene measures must be followed. The teachers will use a face screen if advisable.

Use of digital platforms will be prioritised (G-Suite and Moodle) over photocopies. If students hand in homework on paper, these papers will be kept in an envelope and will remain in quarantine for 48 hours before being corrected.

Use of digital didactic games and/or applications will be prioritised. When using games made by the department, cards, worksheets, etc., teachers will disinfect laminated didactic materials before and after use.

Individual and/or pair work will be prioritised, keeping a safe distance, as opposed to group work.

The students will bring their own school supplies and will not exchange them. When lending any material to a student, the teacher will disinfect it before and after use.

The common classroom materials: whiteboard, computer, keyboard, etc. will only be used by the teacher. If Chromebooks or I-pads are used, the teacher will make sure they are correctly disinfected before and after use by the students.


The epidemiological status, defined by the Health Authorities, has different levels depending on the severity of the healthcare situation and the risk of transmission and it must be used as a guide to decide on how far to block schools, due to the emergence of cases in the school and due to the healthcare situation in Navarre in the case of a special outbreak.


In this situation, there will be a switch to on-line learning, following the timetable and the group assigned to the students at the beginning of the year.