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  • As a multilingual and multicultural centre, to contribute to the creation of a social model that promotes respect, equality and diversity.
  • To be a model for language teaching in Navarre, to satisfy the needs of the society and of the professional areas for people trained in the use of second languages and to lead a society with greater competence in the use of multiple languages.


  • To respond to social demand with the incorporation of new languages and levels.
  • To establish collaborative networks on projects with institutions in other countries.
  • To be a model of management and internal and external communication.
  • To be an environmentally sustainable centre.
  • To facilitate the training of teachers and to promote pedagogical and methodological innovation.
  • To promote the importance of language immersion among students.
  • To increase the variety and diversity of formats and teaching-learning styles.
  • To establish mechanisms for specific attention to diversity.


  • Work organisation based on the autonomy of the school.
  • Respect for cultural and linguistic differences.
  • Shared and cooperative leadership.
  • Quality language teaching.
  • Validity and reliability of certification tests.
  • Encouragement at school of the use of the languages spoken in our community.