.A great journey



Text by José Artázcoz · 3 de Inglés


Two years ago I went on holiday to Río de Janeiro. I went with my husband and two other friends. We travelled by plane and it took about eight hours.
Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities that I have seen. It is in the South of Brazil and with a population of about nineteen million people, it is a very big city. The official language is Portuguese. It is situated by the sea where there is a beautiful contrast between the beaches, the sky and the mountains.

I went there in winter, although you can go at any time of the year because the climate is tropical and the temperature is not less than 23ºC. You can swim in the warm water every day. It was a pleasure for me to sunbathe and walk on the white sand, after having a bath.
I ate every day in the hotel, but there is a typical place to eat roast meat, it is called churrasquería, where you can eat all kind of meat. Then you can drink caipiriña, which is a very strong drink. They offered us caipiriña when we arrived in the hotel.

At night you can go to see a show about samba, people there dance very well. You would enjoy it a lot and also you can join in the show if you want.
Finally, you shouldn’t leave this city without knowing the two most important mountains nearby, “Corcovado” and “Pan de Azúcar”.
I recommend you to visit Rio de Janeiro, and if it was possible go there during the carnival.