.Living it with Lindy!

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Vox Populi: Hello Lindy. It's nice to have you back with us again. Living It with Lindy has been working out for a few years now, hasn’t it?

Lindy Logan: Yes it’s been three years, and so far so good. And I think it keeps going because people really want to improve their verbal abilities even though they have limited spare time.

Vox: Do you get a lot of repeat business or is it new faces every time?

Lindy: A bit of both. Participants tend to try out one or two activities then come back the next year and sign up for a different flavor. But there are a few that return to the same activities, again and again.

Vox: Why do you think some of them return to the same activity instead of trying out something totally different?

Lindy: I suppose that after trying something out and liking it, they simply stick with it.

Vox: What’s the point of doing the same activity over and over again?

Lindy: I let the participants know that each year every activity gets a major make-over. I use new materials, games, video clips, music, role-plays… (she giggles) whatever I can make-up or find. The bottom line is that just about everything is different even though the title of the activity doesn’t change.

Vox: Well then tell us what’s on the line up for the uninformed.

Lindy: ‘Wha’ Up?’ is for language learners who realize that typical "exam" English is not really like "everyday" English. On the course they’ll come to understand native speakers more, expressions, slang, swear words, etc and how to use them. ‘Hanging out’ is living the Anglo-Saxon Way of life. They’ll enjoy typical free time fun like; bowling, shooting pool, coffee shop readings and other cool things that we "natives" do. And they’ll do it using English only. ‘Hey Goodlookin’! What ya’ got cookin’?’ is a tasty road-trip around the English speaking world with our taste-buds as a guide. Along the way they really learn just about all of the kitchen and cooking vocabulary they will ever need. For the super shy language learner ‘Public Speaking.... O’ My God!’ is designed to give participants the practice they need to get cracking. After all the only way to get comfortable speaking, is to speak. ‘Field Trip’ is the ultimate challenge, speak or don’t eat! (ha,ha,ha) Participants get to see Liverpool and Manchester like they’ve never seen them before… up close and very personal. ‘Around Town’ consists of walking, talking, touring around town and local villages with the participants as the guides. It’s a great way for them to show off their favourite haunts, then have a drink and chill-out while using English.

Vox: I’ve seen some stuff about you on Raibabel. Why don’t you tell our readers a little about that?

Lindy: Yeah (she laughs). It’s a real blast! I think it’s worth it to check out the E.O.I.P webpage and click on Raibabel. There are some fantastic video clips, show and tell slideshows, photos and mini-articles about "Living It with Lindy" and other school related activities. They’re all worth taking a peek at to get an inside look at what’s happening with languages at the school. Oh readers…don’t forget the activities are public and open to everyone who wants to really learn and use the target language. I’ve got to run. I’m trying to hook-up with a hypnotist to get some lessons on self-hypnotism for study improvement. Thanks for the interview. See ya!

Vox: Thanks Lindy. See you soon.