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This was my second organized Fieldtrip to New York with a group from Navarra via E.O.I.P. HIP HIP HOORAY!
At first I tried being diplomatic, voting on daily excursions, timetables, and waiting for people. After a few days I realized that with 25 participants in town, in order to share the diversity that New York offers within our 7 day time-limit, it was best to just read off the remaining schedule of events on Tuesday morning and leave the voting out. After that everyday I’d say, "Today I’m going to… follow me if you want to".
Today makes exactly one week since our return to Pamplona. The following is what the people who have recovered from the trip have to say about it:

Lindy Logan

My 9 days in NY was like a dream. Nothing and no one leaves you indifferent. But my fondest memory is of a mass at a local South Harlem church, you don’t have to pay anything and the people were very friendly. It was amazing to see their hairdos, suits, fancy dresses and grace. The mass, the singing, the people in trance, the dancing, the warmth when shaking hands and the hugs during mass were incredible. They thanked us wholeheartedly for coming during mass and again as we left. It was just like in the film "The Color Purple".
NY, by Ana

Everything in New York is excessive, big, the biggest in the world! For that reason the first thing we did was to fly in a helicopter over the city, to see it all. It was wonderful! I love New York! It is a wonderful city, with huge contrasts. I liked Brooklyn a lot. It has small private houses with trees and squirrels. It has to be stupendous to live there!
Chinatown is very funny. A Chinese man came up to us and said: "guchi, guchi", "come with me". He led us to a basement where there were thousands of fake designer handbags, clothes and jewellery. We bought a lot of things, shopping, shopping….in NY!
Our group, commanded by the Brooklyniana, Lindy was very varied, it’s fantastic to walk the street. Everything was perfect!
Conclusion: It’s necessary to repeat the trip to be able to do everything with detail.

NY by Isabel Fernandez Casas

We arrived from New York a week ago and our feet are still aching from all the walking we did. We still have a big smile on our faces and our thoughts constantly return to that wonderful city and the great moments we had.
It’s difficult to say what we enjoyed most, we loved everything in general; BB King Blues Club, the transvestite show at Lips, the walking tour of Brooklyn and its Bridge and all those streets and treasures that Lindy showed us. The Thai restaurant in Williamsburg was fantastic, not only the food and decoration, the company too. Central park was full of people… people of all races and religions that seemed to coexist in harmony.
In general we found the people especially kind, always ready to help so that we didn’t feel lost at any moment.
The musical on Broadway "Alter Boyz" was very amusing. Even though we couldn’t understand the jokes we could follow the play without too much difficulty. If you ever go to NY, see a musical!
Everything in that city is amazing! You can eat or drink at any hour of the day or night. We understand now why it’s called "the city that never sleeps".
For all the amazing moments, your patience, and showing us your city, we want to express our gratefulness. Thank you Lindy.

NY by Josetxo & Marian

The people that travel to New York usually say they feel like they’ve been there before, I agree. The streets, the emblematic buildings, the parks, give one the feeling of being in a familiar place. The only thing anybody needs to feel at home completely is to bump into lifelong friends.
The Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, the skyscrapers and hot dog street venders, we’ve seen a lot of times in the movies, I think this makes us feel that all these places belong to us, that it’s in our lives.
In New York everything is big... very, very, big: drinks, meals, shops, cars, buildings, parks, museums... It seems that in NYC there is no sense of moderation or proportion. But New Yorkers are tremendously practical people. For example, if they don’t have time to stop for lunch, they buy a meal in the street and eat it while walking.

NY by Isidro

I‘ll never forget my first visit to NYC. I had wonderful experiences. I saw the typical places most tourist visit such as; the Liberty Statue, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Chinatown, Soho, Brooklyn, etc. which I enjoyed a lot, of course.
My personal (strong) recommendation is the restaurant "The View" on the 48th floor of the Hotel Marriott. It slowly spins around giving the visitor a breathtaking panoramic view of NY. Although expensive, it's worthwhile.
Another unforgettable place in NY is "The Top of the Rock" at Rockefeller Center, open day and night. The view is astonishing!
Must see museums; The Metropolitan, the Moma, Ellis Island and Natural History.
See you soon New York!

NY by Miguel Flamarique

On my visit to New York I enjoyed myself a lot. I made good friends during the trip. I loved the local ambience day and night. I took lots of photos to bring part of the city back here with me. I laughed with the drag queens (when I understood them).
We went jogging in Central Park. We were exhausted at the end of each day but happy with the things we had seen.
The last day I went to Hell's Kitchen Flea market. It was stunning! You can find anything there from skeletons keys to ancient photographs. I took photos and was told off (ha, ha, ha). I got a bracelet.
The "metro card" Lindy helped us to buy was a real bargain. We saved a lot of money with it. We travelled to all the places by bus, subway or on foot without difficulty. Moving around NYC is easy if you have that card and a map. We missed the New York Nicks this time. Never mind. Maybe next time.
NY by Amparo Valencia

Travelling to New York has been my dream for a long time and last Easter my dream came true. I have always wanted to see Times Square, Central Park, The Empire State, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan, Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, Wall Street… and the reason is simple, because we all know that New York is the centre of the world. If you love shopping, if you love sports, if you love new technologies, if you love museums, if you love watching a musical… go there. However, if your personal interests are neither going shopping nor going to Broadway to see a musical, I have had the experience that there is always something for everyone.
I think I had an expression on my face throughout the entire trip and the expression was, Woau!

NY by Marta

Amazing. This is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of New York. What struck me most was that people were very helpful when they saw you with a map. No sooner had you opened your map than a person was already asking if you were lost or where you wanted to go and they explained to you patiently the direction you had to follow or the number of the metro you had to take.
There was especially one occasion in which a woman who was speaking on her mobile phone, when she saw us opening our map, she immediately said to the person on the other end to hold on and asked us if we needed some help. After maybe 2 minutes trying to show us the best way to go to our next destination, and after asking us if everything was ok then, she again took up the conversation with her friend...! Amazing...! I thought how different they are from people here as we feel scared when we see a person with "guiri" appearance with a map and we try to pass by them keeping a distance just in case he dares to think of asking for some help to get to Calle Estafeta.

NY by Arantxa