Clase de Colm Rush

Pamplona es mucho más que unos Sanfermines. Colm Rush y sus alumnos nos cuentan qué ver o hacer en nuestra city fuera de las fiestas

Students of NA2 tell their English-speaking guests what to expect, what to look forward to and what they can see or do in or around Pamplona.


I think you should know that Pamplona during the San Fermin Festival is completely different from the rest of the year when there are no bulls running on the streets and people are not so blind drunk. Contrary to appearances, people work a lot, there are two universities and even the weather is similar to where you live. Sorry, I was about to forget it. Osasuna is incapable of winning a match. Maybe when you come here, we could go to the stadium together.

Jose Javier Salinas

December is a good month to come. First of all, because there are a lot of bank holidays so we can spend more time together. And secondly, you will have a good opportunity to see how we celebrate Christmas here. I have been thinking about going to a book market in Durango which is one of the most important Basque book markets. After that, we could spend the weekend in the Pyrenees as you are interested in mountain-climbing. If we are lucky enough, we might find snow on the mountains.

Amaia Saregueta

He best way to experience Pamplona is on foot. The main sights of the old centre of the city are within easy walking distance of each other. A good place to start may be Castle Square. From there you can go to the Cathedral, San Saturnine Church, the Medieval Quarter and Ciudadela Park. All in all, it is a most comfortable town with a welcoming urban environment and almost four million square metres of parks and gardens which make it one of the biggest green towns in Europe.

Toni Piquer

At weekends, we can go to visit the cities which are near Pamplona. I think the most beautiful is Donostia. If it was summer, we could go sunbathing, but now…we will enjoy eating the famous ‘pinchos’ and strolling along the beach. You told me you are interested in art, didn’t you ? I will show you one of Chillida’s works which is called ‘El peine del viento’. It’s beautiful when there is a rough sea. If you like it, we could go to the Chillida museum which is just 15 kms. from Donostia.

Ainara Vicente


Wandering in Pamplona will be worth your while although you are not going to see much difference between Pamplona and England in Autumn. I daresay that you are going to have similar weather, quite a lot of rain, and foggy days and freezing temperatures in the early morning. Anyway, it is good to spend some time in the bars chatting with whoever is drinking a glass of wine or tasting a ‘pintxo’. The atmosphere is great.
Josu Orozco

During your stay I would like to show you how we live here, what we eat and drink etc. There are a lot of little interesting things you’ll enjoy. If we are lucky, we could go skiing, surfing, trekking or maybe you’ll enjoy much more tasting wines and talking about old wars and medieval kingdoms.

Josetxo Amilibia

Here is some useful information before you come. Take warm clothes with you because, just today, the good weather has finished until April or May. And one more thing, prepare your stomach because you are going to eat as you’ve never done before ! In Pamplona, we celebrate everything around a table, which means that we are always eating and drinking. I know you’ll love it.

Sonia Goya

I would like to show you, first of all, the old part of the city with its narrow streets, the cathedral and the old stone walls which defended the city a long time ago when invaders tried to take over the city. Another day we must go to take a look at the new part of the city. I’ll show you our concert hall, the ‘Baluarte’, and a Japanese park called ‘Yamaguchi’.

Amaia Martinez

There are a variety of places to visit in Pamplona... museums, malls, green parks, sports fields and so on. The city is full of buildings and statues... the centre is not noisy either except for the days all the people go out to have a drink or to dance. It would be good if you like going on a binge, because I could bring you to discos and bars. You can choose wherever you want to go depending on the music you like and the things you want to do. And who knows, maybe we’ll make some new friends.

Jhon Riofrío